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commentator, editor, writer, speaker
Founder of sudSSpirit grief support group
Author of Miss Your Forever and In A Heartbeat

owner of It’s all about the bean


Dominic Murgido​

Dominic Murgido earned multiple degrees in criminal justice, instructed college courses as an adjunct professor, and is a master coffee roaster. He retired from careers in retail loss prevention and social services. He founded a bereavement support group, sudSSpirit, a few years after the sudden unexpected death of his wife. He publishes a quarterly newsletter of the same name. Besides being a grief advocate who provides support and solace to those who are grieving, Dominic is also an advocate for safe driving by providing awareness and a voice to legislators to increase education and training for safe driving practices as well as penalties as they relate to traffic violations that cause injury and death. Dominic is a writer, editor, commentator, speaker and author. His first book is titled Miss Your FOREVER: Reflections After the Death of a Spouse. His second book is titled In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience (a memoir).

Dominic is available for speaking engagements concerning the grieving process, book signings, and meet the author events.


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Dominic is the founder of sudSSpirit, a bereavement support group for the sudden unexpected death of a spouse or significant other that meets regularly. 

The group is also open to those that lost a spouse, partner, engaged, living together but not married who have lost the love of their life through a disease or terminal illness.

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Accomplished Author

Dominic has published two books based on life experiences, and he continues to write today.

A third book is expected to be published by the end of 2023 or early 2024 titled “Life Changes while Grieving: Three significant changes. One ultimate outcome.”

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Master Coffee Roaster

Founder and master coffee roaster, Dominic, continues this one time coffee shop and small online business as a hobby today.

Dominic is available for speaking engagements concerning the origin of coffee and the coffee roasting process to groups, clubs, and organizations.

Upcoming Events

Please Note: Dominic is always available for speaking engagements concerning his personal grief journey, the grieving process in general, his grief support group and seasonal newsletters, book signings, and meet the author events.  Dominic is also available for speaking engagements concerning the interesting origin of coffee, fun facts and statistics about coffee, and  the coffee roasting process to groups, clubs,  organizations, and events.

sudSSpirit Spring 2023 Newsletter  available under sudSSpirit tab – Newsletters 

sudSSpirit monthly meeting Tuesday June 27, 2023 Exeter Community Library  6 PM. Dinner to follow. For more information click on sudSSpirit tab.  

The Circle of Life Coalition Presents: “Resilience and Learning to Live with Grief” Successful author and devoted CoLC Advisory Board member Dominic Murgido will define resilience in grief, utilizing personal experiences from his own grief journey. He will also discuss the value of taking risks, making choices, and self-reflection; while healing one day at a time. Available here under the sudSSpirit tab in Resources.

“Awaken Your Souls Journey: Living Life after Loss”  An interview with Dominic Murgido by Angela Clement. Available here under the sudSSpirit tab in Resources.

( Berks County, PA Community TV) BCTV limited series FOUND hosted by Pam Washington and Dominic Murgido. The inspiration for the show was the challenge to educate others about grief. The episodes offer information for those who are grieving and for those who want to support someone who is grieving. The show is a platform for conversations about grief. Available here under the sudSSpirit tab in Resources.

Coming Soon:  Interview with Dominic Murgido concerning presentation he did for Circle of Life Coalition in December, 2022  Berks Community Television (BCTV)

UPDATE on my writing:  Manuscript Accepted by Publisher

Christian Faith Publishing has recently announced the acceptance of a manuscript submitted by Dominic Murgido. This will become his third book which will highlight three life changes of his personal grief journey while providing new commentary. Reflections that were written over the years will also be included.  Expected release and publication will be the end of 2023 or early 2024.



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