Dominic Murgido

In A Heartbeat

A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience
a memoir
by Dominic Murgido

In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience from Christian Faith Publishing author Dominic Murgido is a personal account of his story involving the incomprehensible loss of his wife and all that surrounded him as he navigated his life going forward.

Dominic’s book provides a true sense of reflection and resilience during his grief journey. This memoir follows the story behind his written reflections in his first book, Miss Your Forever, and includes additional entries from his personal journals.

Follow the author with the support of his dog, Hal, from his worst day of despair with the death of his wife through multiple choices, changes, and risks he encountered to the triggers, signs, and phases that he experienced while relying on faith and hope towards a new beginning.

 In a heartbeat, everything can change.

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PRESS RELEASE from Publisher:

Headline: Dominic Murgido’s newly released “In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience” shares a heartfelt look into one man’s grief journey.

Summary of the release: “In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience” from Christian Faith Publishing author Dominic Murgido is a thoughtful discussion of the challenges and setbacks that occur along the road of overcoming a significant loss.

Full release text: “In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience”: an articulate and emotionally charged memoir. “In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience” is the creation of published author Dominic Murgido, who unexpectedly lost his wife and became a compassionate grief advocate. Murgido shares, “In a Heartbeat documents a tale of a grief journey like no other concerning the fatal vehicular accident that took the life of a mother and wife while she was on her way to work to the horror, challenges, and thoughts experienced by her husband as he navigated through his new life without her. This sudden unexpected death of his spouse caused by a distracted driver shocked family, friends, and the community to the core. Follow his path of uncertainty as the author
begins to cope with the loss of his soul mate through time and ask questions that there are no answers to.

“In a Heartbeat follows a grief time line through heartache and sorrow that began more than a decade ago. The author discusses topics that include choices, risks, regrets, triggers, signs, and resilience. He also provides insight through the sharing of actual entries from his personal journal while experiencing the grieving process. 

“In a Heartbeat details the companionship and support of his wife’s dog, Hal, that comforted and consoled him throughout his life without her. After years of therapy, support groups, and multiple moves, the author was grateful that Hal was present to help him through choices made and risks taken in an attempt to move forward. As time moved on, another painful loss plummets him into a downward spiral of rekindling grief. The author begins a second grief journey requiring additional help and support to pull him through this new reality that he must acknowledge and
accept as he continues on with his life.

“In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience explains the adversity one man faced after losing the love of his life. Relying on faith and hope, he is guided toward survival through self-discovery. While praying and hoping for a positive life change, the author searches for comfort, peace, and grace in his new beginning of life’s journey and realizes that the only way to move forward was through prayer, forgiveness, and helping others.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dominic Murgido’s new book will pull at the heartstrings as readers experience the significant impact death inflicts. Murgido’s honest and raw discussion shares both the unfortunate reality of loss and practical guidance on how to navigate the grief process.

Consumers can purchase “In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, Barnes and Noble, and Reader House. For additional information or inquiries about “In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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Questions for the Author

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In a Heartbeat is a memoir that includes the complete story behind the reflections that were in Miss Your Forever covering a thirteen year span of time. Additional entries from my personal journals are included as are my thoughts on topics including choices, risks, signs, triggers, regrets, and resilience.

Hal was my wife’s dog. Unfortunately, she only had three years with him before her death but during that time the bond they shared was very noticeable. She trained Hal in many ways through various programs but the one they both excelled in was therapy training to help those less fortunate. Ironically, he became my therapy dog to help me with her loss as I was to help him with the loss of his master. His presence, love, and support were never ending and he was always there for me in my worst moments and during times of choices and taking risks. I could not have come this far without him.   Hal was one of my lifesavers.

This book is a tale of my grief journey that seemed impossible in the beginning but through reflection, faith, hope, love, prayer, and the unconditional love of a dog, I was able to become resilient over the years. The title is saying life is fragile and short and, in a heartbeat, it’s over. Capturing that feeling that life is short and how to recover through faith, hope, and resilience is the message as well as you are not alone in your grief journey.

In providing an image, I thought of a single lit white candle in the center of the cover providing light. The focus is on the candlelight and how light provides us with faith, hope, goodness, prayer, renewal, and joy.  The flame of the candle is the only part of the cover in color.

A white candle is associated with peace, enlightenment, spirituality, resilience, healing, blessing. By keeping a candle lit in remembrance, the memory lives on and is still burning brightly.  Light gives Life.


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