Dominic Murgido

Life Changes While Grieving

Three significant changes. One ultimate outcome.
by Dominic Murgido

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Author and Founder of sudSSpirit Grief Support Group, Dominic Murgido, has written a third book that has been published by Christian Faith Publishing in 2024. Following the inaugural book titled Miss Your Forever: Reflections After the Death of a Spouse in 2020 and In a Heartbeat: A Tale of Reflection, Faith, Hope, and Resilience (a memoir) in 2022, a new book is now available titled Life Changes While Grieving: Three significant changes. One ultimate outcome.

In Life Changes While Grieving, the author looks back at the life changes that brought risks and choices to his world while trying to move forward and find resilience for his future. He is guided by the unconditional love and support of his dog and also through time, patience, and self-renewal.

Not only do you experience life changes while grieving but Life, itself, changes while grieving.

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Life Changes While Grieving is an overview of one man’s thoughts and actions concerning his journey of grief after the tragic sudden death of his wife and the life changes he encountered and created to further his healing process. Author Dominic Murgido looks back at the life changes that brought risks and choices to his world while trying to move forward and find resilience for his future.

In his third book, Dominic explains what he experienced during each life change that took him to another level of coping and understanding where he was and where he needed to be.

Life Changes While Grieving is a summary of a grief journey detailing what happened and how the author was able to move forward. There were days that he struggled, moments that took him by surprise, and triggers that brought him to tears, but in the end, all became good because the author learned to live with loss.

Join Dominic as he shares some past reflections that he wrote and explores three life changes that made him realize there was another step to take on his own for the healthy continuation of living his best life. He is guided through time, patience, and self-renewal. Three significant changes, one ultimate outcome – comfort, peace, and grace in life’s journey.

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Questions for the Author

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This new book provides a concise hybrid of combining the best from my previous books. Life Changes While Grieving contains an abbreviated version of my grief timeline (from In a Heartbeat) highlighting three distinct life changes that made a difference in my life with observations of how I handled it. After the explanation of each life change, I included some of my favorite past reflections (from Miss Your Forever) to provide perspective on what I was thinking about at times during my grief journey. New commentary is added to share my feelings and thoughts since my last book.

Each book stands on its own. There is enough carry over in each book to keep the reader informed about what happened and where things are going. Some readers have commented that if they were to select one out of the three, it would be Life Changes While Grieving. It has a little from each of the other two books to satisfy your curiosity and achieve your best interest in the story.

After reading Life Changes While Grieving, and you like the reflections and want more, check out Miss Your Forever. If you would like more detail about the grief timeline, check out In a Heartbeat. One thing that Life Changes While Grieving does not have that the other two do are “Entries from my Journal”. The author shares actual entries from his personal journal throughout the first two books providing the reader with an inside glimpse into the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that were happening at the time.

The theme of this book concerns life changes that we go through when we grieve and how these changes allow us to grow and heal leading to being resilient for our life moving forward. The title can also be read as Life (itself) changes while we grieve.

The cover is blue because I like the color blue and my wife had the prettiest blue eyes. The cover reflects positivity, transformation, metamorphosis, and change with butterflies, flowers, and light.

The butterfly represents spiritual elevation, rebirth, endurance, delicacy, beauty, and the soul. Overall, butterflies are seen as powerful symbols that inspire personal growth, hope, and joy.

Change is good. Change provides an avenue of faith and hope for your future. Be grateful. Be positive. Be confident.  It’s OK to leave your comfort zone to achieve resilience for your future.

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He is available to speak at events, conferences, luncheons, churches, community-based programs, hospices, corporations, interviews and podcasts as well as book signings and meet the author events.